The 43rd Democrats have the potential to make a huge impact in 2019 and beyond.

As the bluest district in one of the bluest cities in the country, what we do locally leads the way for nationwide progressive change. 43rd Forward’s goal is to build a welcoming, inclusive, ever-expanding community to advocate for our shared progressive values. We want to enable every member of the 43rd to organize their neighborhood, get out the vote, and advocate for issues to their elected officials at the local, state, and federal level.

Let’s move the 43rd Forward together.
Come to reorganization on January 15th to help decide on the leadership and vision that will take us to 2020.



We want an organization that embraces the full diversity of our district. Whatever brings you to the 43rd–a specific candidate, cause, or just the sense that there is something in our community that needs fixing–we will promote a culture of listening where everyone is valued as a member. The 43rd needs to promote the participation of underrepresented communities in our LD so that our Democratic party is truly working on behalf of all the communities we represent.


You should know what your board is doing or not doing, and how that maps to our shared priorities and goals. We seek to have complete transparency of board deliberations, make it easier to find and join committees, and make deadlines and procedures less mystifying. We want our membership to lead the way.


The 43rd should put the full weight of our organizing efforts behind the causes we believe in. We must build relationships with and support movements already doing the work, and support those who have not been at the table–not just to have a seat but to run the table– and run for office! Let’s also join our movement partners at City Hall, at rallies, and use that energy to further a robust, ongoing dialogue with our representatives on what we want them to achieve in Olympia.

Reorganization Meeting

7pm January 15th, 2019

Phinney Ridge Community Center, Lower Building
6615 Dayton Ave. North
Seattle, WA  98103

Every two years the 43rd District Democrats hold a reorganization meeting where PCOs and members adopt bylaws and elect a new executive board. 43rd Executive Board positions are volunteer roles that require real commitment, and we thank all current and past board members for their contributions to the 43rd.

We are excited about the 43rd Forward Vision, but enacting it requires a strong team. It is our belief that the strongest teams are composed of people who do the following:

  • Examine existing policies and procedures and evaluate with an eye to intersectionality
  • Find common ground with others, regardless of favorite candidates or issues
  • Take and give constructive feedback, and be introspective about their own implicit biases
  • Reach out to hear from those not already in the room
  • Forge partnerships and establish agreed accountability goals
  • Ask for help when needed

At re-org, if you agree with the 43rd Forward Vision, we urge you to evaluate all candidates on these grounds. Each role on the board can contribute to a specific part of the 43rd Forward Vision, and we hope that individuals who are elected will come back to a shared set of goals of inclusivity, accountability, and grassroots organizing.

Some of our contributors are running for positions, while others simply wanted to weigh in on how they see the LD being the best it can be. Many positions will still need someone to step up and run (possibly you!). The primary goals of this effort are to provide a framework of where we think the 43rd can and should go, to open up the conversation to others, and to give us all a common vocabulary that we can use to evaluate potential board candidates.

Scott Alspach

For Chair

Scott Alspach is a 11-year resident of the 43rd Legislative District. He has served as the Vice Chair of Membership Recruitment for the 43rd since 2017 and is an active member of the 43rd’s Environmental Caucus.

Scott first became involved in activism after the 2016 elections when inspired by the Indivisible Guide, an online publication written by Congressional staffers with suggestions for peacefully but effectively resisting the Trump administration.

He co-founded Seattle Taking Action (STA), an organization that connected Seattle residents with candidates running for Seattle City Council to facilitate the usage of Seattle's new democracy voucher program – helping Seattle residents use thousands of dollars in democracy voucher donations in the 2017 election.

Scott was also a delegate to the 2018 State Democratic Convention in Wenatchee, and has served at the state level on the Executive Board of the Washington State Democrats Environment and Climate Caucus.

Scott is excited to help build the 43rd into a platform for progressive activism and getting out the vote in the 2019–2020 cycle.


The following 43rd District Democrats members, PCOs, and grassroots leaders are working together to make the 43rd Forward vision a reality:

Scott Alspach

Ellen Eades

Maddy Vonhoff

Shua Sanchez

Amy Madden

Jessi Murray

Tony Barker

Michael Gifford-Santos

Meg Wade

Joey Wieser

Brad Bell

Annabelle Backman

Join the Conversation

The 43rd Forward Vision is an evolving one, based on input from many members of the community. However, that list of members is by no means exhaustive, and we know we’re missing out on some perspectives. We want to hear from as many voices as possible, and we particularly want those devoted to a more inclusive, accountable, and grassroots 43rd to step up and run for the board or join committees.

Speak up, step up, and vote at re-org. We can move the 43rd Forward!

Ways to join the conversation:

  • Check out candidates who have already declared in the 43rd District Democrats Forum
  • Consider running for a board position yourself! You can find job descriptions for each role here, and if you let us know you’re interested in running we’d be happy to help you find the right fit.
  • Register as a 43rd member by January 5th and vote at re-org
  • See who has contributed already
  • Add your thoughts and ideas to our vision by using our contact form!

Are you a…


The following community members endorse the 43rd Forward vision and Scott Alspach for chair!

Scott Forbes, Former Chair, 43rd Democrats; PCO

Shasti Conrad, Chair, King County Democrats

Anne Drury, PCO, 43rd LD

Molly Moen, PCO, 43rd LD

Holly Beale, PCO, 43rd LD

Daniel A. "dag" Graham, PCO, 43rd LD

Kristen Johnson, PCO, 43rd LD

Valerie Costa, PCO, 43rd LD

Tara Lee, PCO, 43rd LD

Bethany Stackhouse, PCO, 43rd LD

Rebecca Deutsch, PCO, 43rd LD

Bradley Horst, PCO, 43rd LD

Sameer Ranade, PCO, 43rd LD

Rod Palmquist, PCO, 43rd LD

Charmila Ajmera, PCO, 43rd LD

Imogene Williams, PCO, 43rd LD

Michael Gifford-Santos, PCO, 43rd LD

Dave Schuldt, PCO, 43rd LD

Cécile Gernez, PCO, 43rd LD

Emily Myers, 43rd Democrats member

Shaun Scott, Seattle City Council District 4 Candidate, 43rd Democrats member

David Perk, 43rd Democrats member

Summer Stinson, Policy Director, 36th Democrats; PCO

Jen Carter, 3rd Vice Chair, King County Democrats; PCO, 5th LD; Indivisible Washington's 8th District

Melissa Taylor, PCO, 46th LD

Joshua Trupin, State Committee Member, 5th LD; Co-Founder Economic Equity Caucus